2005 - Krek
2004 - Mørke Gravers Kammer
2002 - Phantom
2001 - Masterpiss of Pain

Khold is based in Oslo, Norway and was formed by Sarke (drums), Gard (vocals/guitar), Rinn (guitar) and Eikind (bass) in the year 2000. A demo was recorded, and late 2000 Khold was signed by Moonfog. The first Khold album "Masterpiss of Pain" was released spring 2001 and critics referred to the album as ‘a fresh breath upon the black metal scene’. Signed to Tabu in Norway and Candlelight Records in the U.S., Khold has just released their new black metal masterpiece "Krek." Khold plays black metal in a raw, primitive and dark manner, using only guitars, bass and drums while maintaining an up-to-date, cutting-edge sound. The lyrics are all written in an old fashion way of Norwegian in order to enhance their evil and dark content, and the heaviness is way beyond what you find in any other black metal band. Download "Blod Og Blek" to venture into the cold, dark mind of Khold.

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